Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to the sale of fruit and veg boxes which will hopefully help you find what you are looking for without the need to contact ourselves and wait for an answer:


- Q: What days are you delivering over the Christmas period?

- A: We will be delivering as normal up to and including Sat 18th of December.  The following two weeks we will be offering:


Mon 20th - Closed

Tues 21st - Delivering

Wed 22nd - Delivering

Thurs 23rd - Delivering

Fri 24th - Closed

Sat 25th - Closed

Sun 26th - Closed

Mon 27th - Closed

Tues 28th - Closed

Wed 29th - Delivering

Thurs 30th - Delivering

Fri 31st - Closed

Sat 1st - Closed

Sun 2nd - Closed

Mon 3rd - Closed

Tues 4th - Closed

Wednesday 5th - Delivering, back to normal routine.

- Q: Can I place an order now for delivering over the christmas period?

- A: Yes, we have now made available delivery slots to for the 2 week period over Christmas to allow everyone to be organised with their ordering.  You place your order as normal, and on checkout select the Xmas delivery slot you are looking for at the bottom of the list of available days.

- Q: What do I do if you don't have a product I want?

- A: If there is a specific fruit or veg (or a product you think we might be able to source) you are looking for that we don't have within our shop, drop us an email and we will get back to you.  We do have access to a very large amount of products and don't want to make the shop become overwhelming by including them all.  We always enjoy the challenge of trying to find something new (

- Q: How does it work?

- A: You can pick a box we have put together for you already or customise your own for either pick up or delivery.  You can even do a bit of both.

- Q: How much do I need to spend?

- A: You need to spend at least £10 and if you spend more than £15 you receive FREE delivery.

- Q: How long does it take to get my produce?

- A: It takes us 2 days to organise your order.  Orders placed on a Sunday evening by 9pm will be ready for delivery for Tuesday, but we will only be delivering to certain areas on certain days.

- Q: What days can I pick my boxes up?

- A: Pick up will be available currently Tuesday to Friday.  There will be set times for pick ups that you will select on checkout.  We are looking at how to make this available more often.

- Q: What is the delivery charge?

- A: Free delivery on all orders over £15, any orders between £10 and £15 will result in a £2 delivery charge.

- Q: Where do you deliver?

- A: We currently deliver Stirling, Clackmannanshire, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and Falkirk.   

- Q: What days do you deliver to each area?

- A: We are now offering deliveries to all areas on every delivery day to allow for fresher produce when you need it:

Tuesday through to Saturday we cover all areas, delivering to FK1-17, EH1-8, EH15 & KY11-12.

- Q: I am in an area you deliver but cannot place an order?

- A: Sometimes we have issues where a postcode is rejected incorrectly.  Get in touch and let us know and we will try our best to resolve the issue. 

- Q: What days do you deliver?

- A: Deliveries will be Tuesday to Saturday.

- Q: What time do you deliver?

- A: We are out early in the morning.  Our wholesale orders need their produce in to prep for the day. We want to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum so incorporate both the wholesale and shop orders on the same vehicles. Our drivers will always do their best to keep your order in the safe place you've specified and keep out of the weather if he is there early in the morning.

- Q: What if I am not home?

- A: No need to worry, on checkout you will be asked to let us know a safe place to leave to order if you are not home.  We will make sure the orders and left safely and waiting for you when you get home.

- Q: Can I pay for my produce on delivery?

- A: No we will only be able to process your order once we have received payment.

- Q: Why is the product out of stock?

- A: We are trying our best to make as many deliveries as possible but ofcourse we are very new to this.  We are marking the product out of stock once we get to a limit of how many we feel we can manage to make up in one given night.

- Q: When is the order cut off time?

- A: Orders must be placed by 9pm for delivery 2 days later.  This gives us time to process your order.

- Q: Can I phone or message with my order?

- A: Currently our only method of ordering is through our shop on the site.  This allows the processing of the orders to be as easy as possible for ourselves.  PLEASE DO NOT PHONE OR EMAIL FOR A DELIVERY, IT WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

- Q: Why can I not phone the landline number?

- A: The landline number is our main point of contact for our wholesale customers, so firstly we do not want to have this line engaged too often.  On top of this as it stands we do not have the ability to process orders over the phone.  This is something we hope to be able to include in the future.

- Q: If I have a query how do I get in touch?

- A: Please email We are working on getting back to everyone as fast as possible but as you can appreciate this does take some time to work our way through.  Thank you for showing patience in waiting on a response.