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Patter Watter - High Caffeine Light Roast

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Product Details

Patter Watter - definition - “Liquid which encourages vibrant discussions.”
This medium roast blend of Rwandan, Sumatran and Peruvian Arabica beans offers burnt sugar aromas with a sharp grapefruit tang that give way to dark honey and black tea, simultaneously sharp and robust, settling on the tongue as a full bodied and mellow toffee flavour with smooth almost creamy presence. Perfect morning coffee.

High Caffeine light roast. Guaranteed to wake you up!

Patter Watter – Tasting Notes
Aroma – Molasses , Grapefruit
Flavour – Coconut, Black Tea, Dark Honey
Body – sharp, intense, slightly astringent linger
Finish - creamy toffee
Roast – Light/Medium Roast Rwandan, Sumatran & Peruvian Arabica

Care instructions

Once ground we recommend you seal the bag and keep it in the freezer. Coffee can be made from frozen and more flavour will be kept if you store it this way.

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